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59 – “The pull of social media is so strong because many mothers…”

Hey Mama, this is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Hey, hey, it is quote Thursday. And this quote specifically hits a little home to me, and I think a lot of modern Millennial Moms. And here it is, it’s a quote from CJ Schneider in her book, Mothers of the Village. “The pull of social media is so strong, because many mothers are often desperate for not only amusement, they are desperate for connection to remain relevant, and to be a valuable part of some type of work, or social group.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

I don’t know about you, but I could probably use a little less time on social media. And I know a lot of other moms in the same situation. And when I read this, quote, I just really felt like CJ was speaking directly to me. In the last year when I was going through my postpartum anxiety, one of my escapes or distractions that I used a lot was just going on social media on my phone, like way too much. I was opening Instagram, and I was just seeing the same posts. And when I saw that, it was like, Okay, this is a lot when there’s not a new post that’s coming up. But the reason that we use social media as a distraction, it’s not only just when we’re getting bored, and we just need something to look at, it is a distraction, because we’re looking for something else. We’re looking to social media to fill in some kind of gap that we have in our lives. And a lot of times, that is the connection that we’re searching for, we’re looking for other people that are going through the same things, we’re trying to see what other people are doing. We’re commenting on other things, looking for connection, we’re posting things, looking for other people to connect with the us. And really just to remain relevant and valuable. As CJ said in this quote. As moms, you know, we can lose our identities, and we’re looking to be a part of something to stay relevant. You may have been a part of other groups and activities and things that have kind of gone by the wayside once you had kids. So I know that I am definitely guilty of posting things just, you know, looking for some attention and looking to stay relevant. And it’s not a bad thing. We all need those things. We want to stay relevant and we need to be a valuable part of something but there are other healthier ways to do that. Outside of social media. So looking for your group of people looking to connect with people. That’s what we really need and sometimes that needs to be done outside of social media. And even though we live our lives a lot on social media nowadays, it is possible.

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