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265 – If moms ruled the world

Thank you so much for taking this week to celebrate with me, as well as listen to some of the top podcasts of the past year, I can’t wait to see the next podcasts that come out in the next year, and how they help you and help you live a better life that youContinue reading “265 – If moms ruled the world”

264 – Who are you for YOURSELF?

Mama, this is one of my personal favorite podcasts. And it is inspired by a TikTok video. And I apologize, but the original link does not work and I can’t find the original video, but you’ll get the gist of it from listening to the podcast as well. In the TikTok video, he brings upContinue reading “264 – Who are you for YOURSELF?”

263 – You’re going to get kicked in the balls

We are continuing the week of the top podcasts of the past year, in honor of the celebration of one year of Mama’s Daily Dose Podcast. And today’s episode is a replay of a bit of a funny one that brought me some laughter; but also, I felt for my husband a little bit. AndContinue reading “263 – You’re going to get kicked in the balls”

262 – 1 Year Celebration: It’s All YOU, Mama!

 It is officially one year of Mama’s Daily Dose Podcast! On June 7 2021, the first podcast was posted and put out into the podcast world for moms everywhere to listen to. And Mama’s Daily Dose is the very first Daily Dose of all –  01 It’s all you, Mama! Let’s get moving before weContinue reading “262 – 1 Year Celebration: It’s All YOU, Mama!”

261 – The Secret to achieving your 2022 Goal

 It is the one year celebration of Mama’s Daily Dose. This podcast has been coming out Monday through Friday, for one whole year, 365 days, and we are celebrating all this week. First, we are celebrating you. So thank you so much for tuning in. I really appreciate the support, and hope this podcast andContinue reading “261 – The Secret to achieving your 2022 Goal”

260 – This can help your mom anxiety

It is Friday, my mama friends and we are wrapping up May… even though I know that it is June. And starting next week, we are starting the one year Mama’s Daily Dose podcast celebration! So get excited for the years top podcasts to relisten to! Because you know what, you learn a lot moreContinue reading “260 – This can help your mom anxiety”

259 – “Anxiety is a desire for what one dreads.”

We are bringing it way back this quote Thursday to a 19th century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. And Mama’s Daily Dose is… a quote from Kierkegaard, “Anxiety is a desire for what one dreads.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted. This is such an interesting definition of anxiety, because you wouldn’t think that a definitionContinue reading “259 – “Anxiety is a desire for what one dreads.””

258 – Who actually screens moms for mental health?

Happy June Mama. I don’t know about you. But I love summer and June is also super important because it is the one year anniversary of Mama’s Daily Dose. Next week, we will be having a one year celebration. And I will be replaying the top downloaded episodes of year one of Mama’s Daily Dose.Continue reading “258 – Who actually screens moms for mental health?”

257 – Why some moms and not others?

 Hey, it’s Tuesday, it may feel like a Monday. So I just wanted to remind you that it is Tuesday. And it is also the last day of May of Moms’ Mental Health Awareness Month. I’m going to bleed it into June a little bit because it ended midweek. And I like to keep theContinue reading “257 – Why some moms and not others?”

256 – Moms’ Mental Health Matters

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short actionable podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Happy Memorial Day, I hope you are having or had a fabulous weekend. And I hope that we use this day to to really commemorate what Memorial Day is about. And that is aboutContinue reading “256 – Moms’ Mental Health Matters”