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263 – You’re going to get kicked in the balls

We are continuing the week of the top podcasts of the past year, in honor of the celebration of one year of Mama’s Daily Dose Podcast. And today’s episode is a replay of a bit of a funny one that brought me some laughter; but also, I felt for my husband a little bit. And Mama’s Daily Dose is… Episode 85 – You’re going to get kicked in the balls. Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

My husband came home one day talking about a podcast he had listened to called Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron who comes from the CrossFit world. But he gets a little bit deeper on mindset and, you know, just life in general. And he was talking about how he was asked this question about, you know, “what is something that they never tell you about parenting that you discovered?” And you think Ben’s going to get into something super deep, because, you know, that’s kind of the guy that he is, he’s very introspective. And he said, “When you become a dad, nobody talks about how many times you’re going to get kicked in the balls, about how often it happens that you get kicked in the balls.” And Tyler was like, “Yeah, I mean, before I had kids, it happened, you know, rarely, maybe a handful of times in his life.” And since becoming a dad, it is much more often than not.

And surprisingly, or not surprisingly, later that day, Anderson, my four year old had taken a nap. And he just woke up so so grumpy. And I don’t know why. But he locked eyes with Tyler and just gave him this look. And like a bulll, went straight for him and just knocked straight in Tyler’s balls and he fell to the ground. And just another example of when you become a dad, you’re gonna get kicked in the balls. And it’s going to happen a lot more often than you think. While I don’t know what it feels like to get kicked in the nuts; I do have an idea of pain from my genitals. So I do feel for all the dads out there that constantly get kicked in the balls.

Mama, your action today is to think about the question, “What is something about parenting that you didn’t know until you became a parent?” You can prepare all you want. You can read all the books, talk to all the parents. Look at all the experts Instagrams and there are still unknowns, in parenting in mothering that you just don’t figure out until you’re there. And I would love to hear some of your answers so be sure to share them with me on Instagram at @MeghanQBarrett and that is Megan with an H and we’ll be back tomorrow with another top played episode of the past year and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

Rather listen than read? Listen to the podcast here:

Mama’s Daily Dose

Meghan Q Barrett is Mom Success Coach and Connector who helps mamas create a life they love as “mom” AND an individual without the mom guilt. She connects mamas from all around the world so you can share your stories in a safe, supportive space.

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