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258 – Who actually screens moms for mental health?

Happy June Mama. I don’t know about you. But I love summer and June is also super important because it is the one year anniversary of Mama’s Daily Dose. Next week, we will be having a one year celebration. And I will be replaying the top downloaded episodes of year one of Mama’s Daily Dose. And I thank you so much for tuning in and supporting this podcast and giving yourself the time and space to go after what you want. Because really, that is what this podcast is all about empowering moms to go after what they want, and do what makes them feel fulfilled, whatever that is for you. Because it is individual for every single person. And you get to choose what that is. With that said, we’re still sticking with the theme of May a little bit with Moms’ mental health, and Mama’s Daily Dose is… Who screens moms for mental health? Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

All right. So this is a real gripe of mine, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it out there is that the people that screen moms the most for any kind of postpartum mood disorder is your child’s pediatrician, your child’s doctor! Not your doctor, not someone that is specific to postpartum or to moms or even adults, but your child’s pediatrician. You get screened one time at your six week appointment. And then the rest of the screenings happen at your child’s pediatrician. And I don’t know about you, but that is not really the time I’m wanting to talk about myself and my moods, I am there to find out the health of my baby. I’m already walking in there anxious, making sure that my baby’s okay, my baby may be acting completely normal, but for me going into those appointments, there was still a level of anxiety.  Are they going to hit the markers like what’s going on?

It’s not really a time for me to be like, “Hey, mister, or miss pediatrician. I’m actually really not feeling mentally that great. So after you check out my kid, can you let me know like what I should do?” It’s just not realistic to have pediatricians being the main screeners for Moms’ Postpartum Mood Disorders. Because that is not a space where moms feel super comfortable in order to voice their mental concerns. Moms need a space where they feel seen and heard and understood on their level. That is the space for their kids to be seen, heard and understood.

I don’t have the be all to end all solution to this issue. But what I do know is for right now, moms are going to have to take some responsibility for our own experiences, and reach out for the help that we need. There are resources out there right now, there should be far more, and people should be coming to us and asking us and in the future. I really hope that we see that with more postpartum appointments. But right now, a lot of moms are going to have to take that responsibility. But also as a mom, you can take the responsibility and check on other moms as well.

Mama, your action today is to support moms mental health in any way possible. Just go check out Postpartum Support International, and see the tools and the resources that they have. Donate to them. Maybe sign up for a local Climb Out of the Darkness walk that I’m actually doing in Raleigh on June 25. If you want to check it out, that is also through Postpartum Support International. Or just check in with a mom, friend. Anything you can do to support moms mental health right now, today, is going to help in the long run. Because remember, something is always more than nothing. And have a great day free of mom guilt because you deserve it.

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