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239 – “What is most personal is most universal”

The human experience is one to be shared. The mom experience is certainly one to be shared, we come together, we realize we aren’t alone on our journeys. When we share our stories, and Mama’s Daily Dose is… a quote from Carl Rogers, “what is most personal is most universal.” Let’s get movin before we get interrupted.

Have you ever felt so alone in your emotions or your experience or motherhood in general, and then someone comes out or you see some video on Tik Tok, and someone is explaining your exact feelings, your situation, your emotions, and you’re like, hey, I feel even just a little bit better. Knowing that I’m not alone in this. Other people have gone through it, other people have gotten through it. And that is the amazing thing about humanity, what we think is so personal to us that we’re the only ones that have ever gone through, it tends to be the most universal things. When I had postpartum anxiety, I didn’t share about it. For the longest time. I was almost like shamed about it. Because this is supposed to be a time in my life, that I love the most enjoyable time I’m supposed to enjoy those snuggles, and my kids and I just, I couldn’t. And I felt guilty and shame. Because I was not enjoying every moment of motherhood. In fact, I was really not liking it at all. But then I started sharing my story. And all these people, no joke started coming out from random places literally all over the world saying, Hey, I felt that too. I understand what you’re going through, and you are not alone. So know that whatever your feeling your emotions, your situation is, you are not alone. Someone has walked that journey before and there will be plenty of people that walk that journey after you. But the best way to get that shame and guilt out of it is to bring it to light, shame and guilt live in the darkness the moment you start speaking about it, and you share your story and you bring it to light. You can find those connections and you don’t feel so alone.

Mama, your action today is to share your story, share a story, bring some connection, help another mom or someone else that may be going through something that you’re going through right now. Or you’ve already overcome. Share it on your social media, text it to a friend, do it anonymously on a Facebook group, however you want to do it, write a blog, share your story. It’s through sharing our stories that we become more connected, that we feel more connected, that we can help moms mental health because one of the first hurdles that you need to get over is knowing that you are not alone. That there is support out there and there are people out there that have gone through the same thing that you’re going through. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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Meghan Q Barrett is Mom Success Coach and Connector who helps mamas create a life they love as “mom” AND an individual without the mom guilt. She connects mamas from all around the world so you can share your stories in a safe, supportive space.

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