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236 – Monday MamAffirmation: I am NOT a label!

Happy May, Mama! There are so many things going on this month, May is a Mother’s Day. This week, the first week of May is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week. And the whole month of May, is Mental Health Awareness Month. So wrap all those into one. And this month on Mama’s Daily Dose, we are focusing on mom’s mental health. And to start it off, we have a Monday, MamAffirmation. And Mama’s Daily Dose is… I am not a label. Let’s get moving. Before we get interrupted. 

As humans, we love to label things. We like to label things. So like we know what they are. And we can be sure we can have that certainty. So maybe growing up, you were the sporty kid, or you were the Smart kid or the Crafty, creative kid or the musical kid, you have this label on you. And what we do is we tend to live up to those labels that either others put on us, or we put on ourselves. And this creates a lot of issues, especially with mental health. If you label yourself as I am depressed, or I am anxious, you tend to live into that. But you aren’t depressed, you aren’t anxious. You aren’t the sporty kid. You have depression, you have anxiety, you play sports, they’re all a part of you, but they don’t define you. You aren’t that label. Even mom, you are a mom, that is a label that is part of you. That is not all of you. There’s all these other facets to you and who you are because you are you. So don’t succumb to just one label. It is part of you. It doesn’t define you. It is part of you.

Mama, your action today is to repeat the MamAffirmation: I am not a label. I am not a label. There are so many sides to so many things. You are not just one thing. Anxiety does not define you. Depression does not define you. Being a mom does not fully define you. You are you and don’t let these labels that either others put on you or you put on yourself, define who you are and who you want to be. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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