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234 – “When we don’t want anything…when we cannot exactly define what we want…”

Mama’s Daily Dose is… a quote from Donald Miller, in his book Hero on a Mission, “When we don’t want anything, or perhaps, when we cannot exactly define what we want, we become characters in a story with no plot.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

I get to write my story, you get to write your story, you get to write the story of your life. You can choose the plot, you can choose the characters, you get to choose everything about the story of your life. But the main thing in there is the choosing. If we don’t know what we want, or we don’t choose something that we want, then the story has no plot. There’s nothing to string you along, to be interested in, even interested in your story.

That’s why for so many moms, everything looks great on the outside, but you know, like something is missing on the inside, you just feel like something is missing on the inside. It’s pretty much because you have lost interest in the plot of your story of your life. So take a look. And have you made a decision about what you want your story to be what you want it to look like, what is the plot? What is the character in your story, doing? What is your character trying to overcome? That is the plot of your life, and you get to choose it. But with that, with that internal locus of control that we talked about earlier this week, you have to make a choice. Because if you don’t, the external is going to make a choice for you. And more likely than not, you’re not going to be super in love with the plot of that story.

Mama, your action today is to kind of like take a step back and really look at your life as a story. For most of us, you are probably in your early to mid 30s. We’re somewhere in the middle of life here. So what do you want the rest of your story to look like? If your life was a story that you were reading, where you want that main character to go? What does she overcome? And who does she become at the end? Do you know the answer to that? If you don’t take some time to think about it and think about it from the perspective of a story, like it’s not you. You are looking at a book at a movie and what do you want from that character?

And if you don’t already, give me a follow on Instagram, @MeghanQBarrett, and that is Meghan with an H. Have a great day. I will see you tomorrow for the end of April, intentional April. I have one last intentional action for you to take every day that is like super duper small, very little effort that can have big rewards with it. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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