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215 – What can you get excited about today?

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short, actionable podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Happy April 1, April Fool’s Day and I thought about trying to play some kind of a joke, but honestly, I really couldn’t think of one. But if you play some fun April Fool’s jokes, I want to know what they are. Let me know on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett, and April is our month of being intentional. And we’re going to start it off with Mama’s Daily Dose is… what are you excited about today? Let’s get moving on before we get interrupted.

Mama, my days used to start with my three year old running into my room, complaining that he needed his milk. And why wasn’t Peppa Pig already on the TV? Basically, I rolled over, I woke up and was just like, UGH, not this again… I’m starting my day with complaining. I’m already irritated. And it’s been like, I don’t know, 10 seconds since I opened my eyes. And to be totally honest, that just set the tone for my day, it was really hard to slip back into being excited and happy and joyful. Because I wasn’t being intentional with how I wanted to feel. I was just rolling with whatever came along. And a lot of times, it was the emotions of my children. And as you know, that is a real roller coaster. And it’s not a super fun one to be on either. So what you need to do is be intentional with how you want to feel. And one of the first questions you can ask yourself in the morning is, “what am I excited about today?” Start your day off with getting excited, like hop out of bed and be like I am so excited to do… whatever it is you’re excited about that day. Even if it’s a crappy day, if you have to run around and do all these things, there is one thing in there that you can get excited about. So ask yourself right now, “what can I get excited about today?”

Mama, your action today is to ask yourself, “What am I excited about today?” And then keep doing it. Do it every morning. Have that be the first question that you ask yourself because then you start off being excited and you set the tone for the day. Did you know that there is a planner specifically to keep you being intentional every single day? Head on over to and pick up Mama’s Intentional Planner. This quick five minute planner will get you on track to reaching your goals taking action every day and being intentional with how you show up. Have a fantastic weekend and a great day free of mama guilt. And I will see you on Monday for the Monday MamAffirmation.

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