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209 – “Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it.” – Don Herold

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short, actionable podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Mama’s Daily Dose is a quote from Don Herold, “Unhappiness is not knowing what we want, and killing ourselves to get it.” Let’s get movin before we get interrupted.

We’ve talked a lot about happiness and what brings you joy, and what makes you happy, what does happy mean for you. But what is unhappiness? And unhappiness just means that you really don’t know what you want, you don’t know what’s gonna bring you joy. And you are busting your butt to get to this elusive thing that you have no idea what it is, you have no idea when you get there, you have no idea who you want to be. But you’re working so hard, essentially, for nothing.

It’s like your kid comes to you. And they’re like, “I lost my favorite thing.” And you’re like, “Okay, well, what is it? Is it a stuffed animal? Is it a ball? Is it a toy…” They’re like, “I just lost my thing. Help me find it. Let’s look for it.” So you’re looking all around the house for this “thing,” and you have no idea what it is. It could be a button, it could be a french fry, who knows, but you are wasting this time looking for something and you don’t even know what it is that you’re looking for, that you’re searching for, that you’re working for.

You have to know what you are going after. The lowest times in my life, there’s been a couple of them… have all been because I didn’t have a goal. I didn’t know what I was putting in the work for. I didn’t know why I was waking up and getting up in the morning. Because I was just working essentially for nothing. So what is it that you are working towards? Have something, anything; otherwise that elusive “happy…” It’s just never going to happen.

Mama, your action today is to come up with a goal. If you don’t already have a goal, I want you to write down a goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right goal. You just need something, something that you are working towards. Otherwise, what is it for? Where are you trying to go? What are you doing? And you’re going to waste all of this energy and time and emotions going for nothing. And if you need help figuring out your goals and how to achieve your goals and even, “what should my goal be… like what do I want?” And you’re local to Raleigh. I have an awesome workshop coming up called “Mom Goals” on Tuesday, March 29. This interactive class will get you thinking about not only what you want, but how to use that mom brain of yours to actually get there! Spots are limited for this one. So sign up at and that is local for my Raleigh mama friends. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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Meghan Q Barrett is Mom Success Coach who helps mamas figure their sh*t out so they can create a life they love as “mom” AND an individual without the mom guilt.

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