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160 – Funny sh*t you forget when you become a mom

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short actionable podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Happy Friday, we got a little humor coming your way. But last reminder, make sure you go get your how to use your Mom Brain to actually achieve your goals in 2022. That replay disappears on Monday. So go get it at And Mama’s Daily Dose is… things you never forgot, before you became a mom. Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

We’ve been talking a lot about Mom Brain this past month. And sometimes there’s so many things going in that Mom Brain that we just forget some things you know, when you walk into a room, and all of a sudden you look around, you’re like, crap. What did I even come in here for? I’m sure it has happened many more times since becoming a mom than it did before. And I’m going over the top three things you forget when becoming a mom. I mean, at least I’ve forgotten them. I think it’s happened to other people. I’m pretty sure.

Anyways, number three, eating before becoming a mom. I didn’t miss a meal. I knew when I was eating next. I knew what I was going to have. I was excited for it. And there have just been times now when you’re like, hey, when was the last time I ate? I’m pretty hungry.

Number two, shower, especially with the newborn. Oh my gosh, I remember I would get in bed 10pm and I’d look over my husband be like, I don’t think I showered today. I don’t think I showered yesterday. It’s been a couple days. Sorry if I smell really bad. And then you’re just so exhausted that at that point. I’m like, showers not happening. I’m going to sleep. Hopefully it’s happening tomorrow.

And number one, this one. I’m not going to get too graphic on but tampon. Yeah, definitely forgot one of those. Pretty much thought I was dying. I was like googling everything. I thought I had cancer or something. Go to the gynecologist and lo and behold, left a tampon there. Apparently, it is very common. My midwife made me feel a little bit better saying that. It happens to a lot of people and sometimes they get left in there for a really long time. So make sure you don’t forget that one. And be sure to share with me some of those fun things that you’ve forgotten since becoming a mom to on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett.

Mama your action today is just to laugh a little bit at some of the things you’ve forgotten since becoming a mom. You got a lot of crap going on. You can’t remember every single thing for every person. So just go ahead and laugh about it today. Have a fantastic weekend. Make sure you get that free class replay. It is going away on Monday at Have a fabulous weekend. I will see you on Monday and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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