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135 – Worst mom gifts…ever

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of Friday and I am so excited to finally bring you this episode. I’ve been thinking of this episode for a while, but I kind of wanted to save it for you know the holiday season. It is the gift giving season, and we’ve been given lots of gifts as moms. But today, we’re gonna focus on the worst ones, and Mamas Daily Dose is… the worst gifts I’ve been given as a mom. Lets get moving before we get interrupted

Some of the tangible gifts I’ve been given as a mom have not been fantastic. The arts and crafts, those are super cute and stuff. And some people complain about getting vacuums, but the vacuums I’ve received were some of the best gifts I’ve gotten that iRobot, we call her Rhonda. Oh, one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. But on this one, we’re going to focus on some not so great mom gifts that are more a result of children.

So I’m going to go from three up to one. So number three – flat boobs. Alright, I wasn’t well endowed before giving birth. But now, I not only have small boobs, but they’re like kind of flat, and then go out a bit. Like I have to have padding in my sports bras, or I need some kind of push up thing there. They were just…the life just got sucked out of them.

Number two, back pain. I remember people complaining about back pain when they were pregnant. No back pain at all when I was pregnant. As soon as I had my first son back pain, and it’s pretty much been there for like four plus years. I’ve tried all the things but it just kind of comes and goes and sometimes it gets really bad. Sometimes it’s okay. But once again, not another great gift.

But the number one… nothing even holds a candle to this one. Hemorrhoids. Worst absolute absolute worst gift I’ve ever been given as a mom is hemorrhoids. And it’s like the gift that keeps on giving too because sometimes they just like to show up too… you don’t know when sometimes when I travel. I’ve had I’ve had to pay way too much in medical expenses because of my butt. It’s just been it’s a horrible gift. And if you’ve gone through it, if you have had that pain, you know how horrible of a gift it is. But here’s to hoping for some wonderful Mom Holiday Gifts

Mama Seriously though, hemorrhoids. They’re the worst worst gift ever. Worst thing I’ve experienced. And the options are really not great to get rid of them either if you’ve looked into it or if you’ve done it, but that’s enough butt talk for now. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and in just over a week we are doing the Mama Meditation. So if you need some time to relax or focus on those mom gifts that you need, this is a fantastic gift to give yourself. Just the gift of relaxation, recharging and time to yourself. It’s on Sunday, December 19 at 2pm and you can reserve your spot at Have a fabulous weekend and a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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